About Puppies Up North:

  • We bought this beautiful farm in Northern Minnesota among the 10,000 lakes and lots of pine trees in 2006.  We have enjoyed the beauty of nature and working “in the country”.
  • We were not privileged enough to have our own children, so we have adopted our dogs as our own children.  We call them “Chogs”…1/2 children and 1/2 dog.
  • Our working farm of 100 acres is a great place to raise our Mamas and Papas, and of course our Mini Labradoodle, Spoodle and Pooshi puppies because there is so much run room for each of them.  We have lush grass, big fields, wooded areas with pine and oak trees, and a small pond all of which the dogs and puppies love.
  • The buildings (with the white roofs) burned to the ground on Feb 18, 2012.  This complex was 10,000 sq ft of fun, laughter, training and great times.  This building housed our “Groom room”, “Obedience Classroom”, a great kennel called “Camp Canine” and three large beautiful whelping rooms.  We are saddened to have lost three of our boarding dogs in the fire as well as our beautiful sire Paxton.  Camp Canine’s theme was cabins and pine trees and all walls were  decorated accordingly!
  • The larger brown barn and gray long barn (pictured above) is our new facility for our new business called “Puppies Up North”.  We decided that there was not enough room for Kenneling or Obedience classrooms so we spend 100% of our time with our own dogs.  So, until we expand, we are putting all of our attention to our beloved Mini Labradoodles and raising them to the best of our ability in the best facility in the world.
  •  We found that the brown barn room was not structurally sound to sustain a new metal roof, so we also had to tear that roof down to the 8′ walls, we were able to readjust our roof line to the “hip roof” style, we sprayed 4″ foam for insulation, we cemented the flooring with drains, we installed 48 – 2×4 windows for great sunlight and fresh air and added 6 new steel doors, we put steel siding on all the outside walls, put a “dog house” copula that is lit each evening, we painted the entire inside.  We finally moved all our dogs to the new facility on Christmas Day!
  • Our new theme of decorations is “Primitive” with the colors of mustard, olive, navy and red…we are using old items such as ladders, old pails, stars and a host of other really cute things to make this place “homey” again!  We want to thank all those contractors to make our goal of Dec 25th a reality!!
  • We have shed a lot of tears but we know that everything works together for a purpose.  Shortly after the fire, I saw a quote that has really helped me get through these traumatic times…it says “Life is not all about Plan A…it’s how we handle Plan B and the rest of the alphabet”…for Mike and I, Plan B sure has been an adventure both good and bad…but we are still loving our Chogs and their puppies!!

Our Original Campus

Completely gutted 

Deemed a Total Loss

The old tired barn…


New Barn – State of the Art campus!



Love holding puppies!

Cuddle Time!!

Mike & Pamela