Mini F1B Labradoodle

This is our six month boy Ringo that we purchased from Pam at Puppies up North. We are in our sixties and he is the sixth dog we have owned. Ringo is one of the smartest puppies we’ve seen.  He has the intelligence of the Poodle and the willingness to please of the Labrador. I have owned both breeds. He was able to do multiple commands such as sit stay and shake hands at ten weeks. I have to say he just about stops traffic!  I have had numerous people ask me his breed as at six months he is only 13 pounds and people think of labradoodles as a very large breed. He is Mr Sociability. He loves everyone he meets especially children. It was obvious that before we acquired Ringo he had been well socialized with lots of people contact.  I would definitely recommend Puppies Up North for a healthy well rounded puppy. Donna Johnson. 

10/29/18 Happy 2nd Birthday!

Arwin’s baby

DOB: 10-29-16

Mini F1 Goldendoodle


10/11/18 We love Stanley!

Just wanted to share how wonderful Stanley (Peter) is – he loves everyone (people and dogs), is sweet as sugar and loves to learn!  Here he is supporting his favorite hockey team the Washington Capitals – where he got his namesake!!  Thanks for helping me find such a wonderful buddy!

10/4/18 We made the paper!

Students and staff at Mt. Lake Christian have a new friend this year — a labradoodle dog. Jewel, a cuddly, cute hypoallergenic labradoodle, is on-site at the school in the first-grade classroom. The dog is first-grade teacher Rachel Knutson’s pet.


8/17/18  GoldenCockerDoodle




Ruby is extremely smart and was able to do several tricks (come, sit, shake, down, stay, twirl on hind legs, roll-over) by the time she was 12 weeks. She loves people and consistently draws positive attention wherever we go. They especially love her “red” coloring…which is very fitting given her name. Ruby’s favorite activities include going for car/boat rides and watching baseball/softball games at the park. Just the mention of these things gets her tail wagging and sprinting for the door. I included a few current pictures for you

8/11/18  (more pics of our last year’s GoldenCockerDoodles)


Jewel (originally Yanni) had her wellness check-up at the vet this afternoon. She charmed all the workers and the vet. The receptionist said one of the hazards of working at the clinic was seeing a puppy like Jewel makes her want to get another puppy. She has three already. 

Jewel will go in for her shots next Wednesday. There was no charge for today. 
My sister said my mom (94 y.o.) was all smiles when she was telling my sister all about Jewel. 
She is bringing joy which is what Jewel means.


Hi Pamela:  Lucy is a very beautiful dog and very popular wherever we go.  She makes friends with everyone and is very good with other dogs.  She has been nothing but a pleasure to have in our family!!  Thanks for raising awesome puppies!!  Lynnae


Lilly ~ F1B Mini Labradoodle

“Hi Pamela, This is a one year pic of Lilly and an 8 years pic of Jackson.  Lilly is the sweetest dog I have ever known.  The two of them bonded from the first day they met.  They play, eat, and sleep together.  You are amazing in breeding and initially training your puppies!”  Tim – Champaign, IL

Momma:  Ella  (sister is Bella)




Lilly May ~ F1B Mini Labradoodle

“Lilly May is now 2 years old and is such a great dog, we really love her!!

Momma:  Bella




Cocoa ~ Cavadoodle  (King Charles Cavalier / Poodle Mix)

“Cocoa is now 1 years old now, we love her so much!!”  



Burki  ~ F1B Mini Labradoodle

“Burki is now 5 years old and such a great boy…

we love him so much!!”  



 Lulu is a Spoodle  (Momma: Addie Daddy:  Chili)

A message from her family…  Lulu will dutifully walk around with them on for a few minutes. She and my daughter love each other so much!  Celebrating Lulu’s birthday. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family!



Dundie & Myrtle are sisters…  F1  Mini Labradoodles

Momma: Ella G    Daddy: Chili

Hi Pamela, this is Shawna, Dundie and Myrtle’s mom. I hope you are doing well! You crossed my mind the other day and I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the girls. 😊
Myrtle is still quite a bit smaller, but she is very healthy and thriving.
They are a lot of fun and they are such good buddies with us and each other. We love them dearly! 😊



Koda is a  F1B Mini Labradoodle

A note from his family:  This is Koda, will be 5 months on the 17th. He’s 13 pounds, and doing great! He was Latte with you, lime green string.  Practicing his self-control. He only takes the rook! 😂  If he’s 13 pounds right now!  Thanks! We really love this little guy!


Jackson is a Standard Labradoodle

Momma is Holly & Daddy was Sparky

Date of Birth:  2000  We are really excited about having a second wonderful dog from your farm!!  Heres a pictures of 7 year old Jackson… (this dog was a standard labradoodle when we bred the standard sizes…even tho they were bigger, still think they are gorgeous!!)


Just wanted to let you know that Riggin is doing so great! We love him so much! He has a wonderful personality, has been so easy to crate train and potty train and clearly was handled and cared for and prepared for us by you so well – he simply is a dream puppy!  Thank you for raising such a wonderful puppy! We just couldn’t be any happier with our little guy! Oh and we kept his name as Riggin but it has turned into mostly Rigs which seems to suit him well 🙂

Kristen and Greg , Derek and Landon and Riggin


I just wanted to contact you to let you know how much we are enjoying our Winnie (cava-doodle).  She is such a sweetheart and a great dog, fast learner and an amazing cuddler!




Winston 1  Winston 3

Winston is a Spoodle,

Momma is Paisy & Daddy is Chili   DOB:  3/22/2016

Note from the New Owners:  Hi Pamela, It’s Katie.  I adopted my Spoodle Winston from you in May.  He is doing wonderful adjusting to life in the heart of of downtown Madison with my fiance and I.  We both love him so much and could not imagine a better puppy.  Potty training has gone great.  He has been consistently ringing the bell to go outside and do his business.  We just graduated from puppy kindergarten and start our next training class in a few weeks.



Luna and Bently are F1 Medium Goldendoodles,

Momma was Dotty (retired) & Daddy was Charms (retired)

Date of Birth:  7/8/14  Note from the New Owners:  We are celebrating birthday’s one day early since the “kids” won’t be together at daycare tomorrow.  Luna and Bently are doing great and still get to see each other about once a week!  (These two, found each other at a puppy daycare, Luna’s owner called me to see if there was another dog in her area that would possibly be attending the same daycare…funny enough, these two were friend from the first day they saw each other …come to find out, they were litter mates)…fun for them!!


  Paisys baby - Bella - DOB 3-22-17

Bella is a Spoodle,

Momma is Paisy & Daddy is Chili

 from the New Owners:Thank you for our beautiful puppy!!


Addie is now Marley

Marley is a F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Momma is Bailey & Daddy is Rainer

Note from the New Owner:

Marley is doing wonderful, he currently weighs about 33 pounds. He is very playful (which I asked for the playful puppy) and a very smart dog. Here are a couple pictures of Marley grown up.
Marley repping packer gear. Marley is on the right.


Kenzie of Paisy and Mocha

Kenzie is a Spoodle

Momma is Paisy & Daddy is Mocha

Note from the New Owners:

We are loving our new family member Kenzie!  She is doing well, loves going on walks, and playing ball in the backyard.


 Crosby - Hailey and Chili's puppy

Crosby is a F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Momma is Hailey & Daddy is Chili

Note from the New Owners:

Just thought you might like a little update on Crosby…he is the most popular dog in town! Everyone loves him! He just completed his first round of puppy training and did really well. His trainer was very impressed with how quickly he learned the commands. He has been the perfect addition to our family. He had a checkup last week and everything went great. He currently weighs 18lbs. He is scheduled to be neutered in January when he is 6 months…we will send you a copy of the invoice once it’s done. We have also shared your information with several families looking into getting a puppy.

Here is a picture if Crosby after his bath a couple of weeks ago.  –  Hope you are well!  Kate



 Mini Goldendoodle - Dotty and Charms baby DOB July 2014

Luna is a F1B Mini  Goldendoodle

Momma is Dotty & Daddy is  Charms

  Note from the New Owners:

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Spring…love Luna!!

Luna - Dotty and Charms baby


luna - dotty and charms 1

Hi Pamela. I was surprised and excited to see Luna on your testimony page! Thank you!  I just noticed her momma has more puppies….  Whoever gets them will be so very lucky….not only gorgeous babies but such GREAT dispositions.  I would be happy to be a reference to how awesome her puppies are if you need me.

This is probably overkill in the picture department for you (I am sorry….lol), but here is a close up of her coloring for you to see in case you are curious (please ignore my goofy self in the pic!). OK….. I may be bias J but Luna is the most gorgeous/unique looking Doodle I have ever seen!  I am sure you remember…she was very cute, completely jet black as a puppy but now look….beautiful beyond words.  (and she weighs about 18 ½  pounds, so exactly within the range you predicted.)   Anyway, I noticed you had her momma’s pups online and if anyone needs reassurance of what Dotty’s pups look like when they get older, one look at Luna is all it takes and know that I am happy to be a personal reference as to how great their personalities are, too!    Melissa

2/19/15 ~Why I wish I would have chosen Puppies Up North…read of my regret!

Hi Pamela,  We have a wonderful GoldenDoodle, Misa (rhymes with Lisa) She rarely barks, loves to cuddle, and is full of tail wagging happiness. What might be surprising is that we have some regrets about the way we adopted her. We did not buy her from Puppies Up North. This is our story.

When our Brittany passed away, our home felt so empty. We started our search for a new fur baby shortly after. We heard about Puppies Up North from a friend who has an amazing LabraDoodle they adopted from Pamela and Mike. At the time we felt the price was high and the wait was long, so we put our name on the list, but continued our search. We found Misa at a breeder in southern MN for about $500 less. We fell in love with Misa but something didn’t feel right. Some red flags we failed to see…the farm house was dirty, there were many dogs in kennels, the puppies were normally kept in a heated garage but they were in the house for our visit. (The breeder never showed us the garage.)
 When we got home our fears were confirmed.
*Our first hurdle, Misa had no understanding of the human voice. She didn’t know the difference between a cheerful voice and a soft “no.”  She had no understanding that we were even talking to her. She didn’t even respond when we called her “puppy”.
*We don’t think Misa ever went outside. Grass was so foreign to her. Potty training has been very difficult.  At 7 months old, she finally knows to go out side, but she will not bark or ring the bells to let us know when she has to go.
* Misa had no taste or understanding for dog treats. We tried so many different kinds. She seemed very wary about this extra food not in her food dish. This has made bell training to go outside and any other training extremely difficult.
*Misa wouldn’t eat the food we were sent home with. We later realized the breeder has scooped adult dog food into a Ziploc. With no label on the food, we didn’t realize it until we bought Misa puppy food.
*When we gave Misa a haircut it was obvious she was malnourished. She didn’t have the pudgy puppy weight most do.  She was surprisingly skinny. When trimming her nails, we found her due claws were still intact. This isn’t a problem for us, just something we felt we should have been told by the breeder.
*It was obvious she had never been introduced to a kennel. This quiet mellow puppy barked and cried ALL NIGHT LONG for 3 weeks as we tried to kennel train her. We eventually gave up.
*We asked the breeder how the puppies do in the car. She said they had never been in a car, the vet comes to her for check ups. To this day, Misa trembles and cries in the car.
The breeder never asked what our home was like, did we have a fenced in yard, did we have the supplies needed to take a puppy home, did we have time for a new puppy.  She encouraged us to call our vet if we had any problems. Never offered to have us call her.
We have a ton of work ahead of us. The saddest thing is that socialization is SO important early on. We didn’t get Misa until she was 4 months old. I fear that during the critical socialization window, she was stuck out in a garage. This has caused her to be fearful of so many things. I am hoping some day Misa will be a Therapy Dog. She has a long road of training ahead of her, but we’ll get there.
That $500 we saved, it wasn’t worth a single penny. By buying from that breeder, we continued her business that shouldn’t exist. Our training costs are going to far outweigh the money we “saved”. And that doesn’t include the numerous hours of time we have spent trying to associate Misa to the world around her.
Why you should buy from Puppies Up North….
Luckily we were still on Pamela’s wait list, She called about upcoming litters. I told her about our new pup and how we were having a difficult time. Pamela would have had every right to have said best wishes and goodbye. But she loves dogs. I get tears in my eyes when I think of all the time she spent with me on the phone that day, talking me through how to help get Misa established. She didn’t give up on our puppy. She gave us access to the new owner information she gives to others that adopt from her. Most importantly she gave me encouragement.
Please, if you think you are saving money by getting a puppy somewhere else, I want to STRONLGY advise you evaluate how that puppy was raised. Pamela and Mike love the puppies they raise. They work hard to socialize them as much as possible before they go to their new homes. As you can see from other testimonials, the outcome of this will be faster house breaking, quicker obedience, less anxiety.
Puppies Up North puppies come to you with food, in a bag, so you know what to feed them. And you have the option to buy more food right from their website.
Pamela and Mike have worked with them on some commands like, “puppy come”. “treat”, “sit”, and “go potty”. I don’t know if they know them 100% when they go their new homes, but it’s obvious they are getting socialization! She takes the puppies for car rides, takes them on walks,  and introduces them to things like kennels! They let you know how to prepare your home for a puppy, and what to expect as they grow.

 When people ask where we got Misa, I tell them I wouldn’t recommend the place we got her from, but I absolutely direct them to Puppies Up North. ~ thanks, Amy


2/2/15 ~



Bentley  is a F1B  Labradoodle

Hi Pamela…We thought you might like to see some current photos of Bentley – our lovely boy we adopted from you last July.
He’s very loving and playful, sometimes naughty – he likes to take things from the counters and tables in the house and take them outside to chew … but we adore him.
He’s very handsome isn’t he?!

12/10/14 ~ Hi Pamela – Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what a dream Farley is!  We love him and he is such a good and loving puppy!  I have given your web address to half of St.Louis and they are all in love!  They of course want one just like Farley!  We can tell you spent so much time with him – he is up for anything and such a good puppy!  Thank you for making our Christmas season so special!  Thanks again – you do good work!  Please have any of your customers send me an e-mail if they want to know if you are as good as you appear on your website – my answer is YES!

Take Care,   Sara, Pat, Jack, Connor, Margee and Farley  (our SPOODLE)

  Farley 1

  Farley 2

  Farley 3

  Farley 4

This is Margee and shecalls him Far Far

Here he is sleeping

on my lap – really

uptight isn’t he!

This is Jack and he calls

Farley Pup Pup

This is Connor – the one in the

orange jacket – and his friends

love Mr. Farley!


11/29/14 ~ Pictures of Bryleigh’s puppies – an F1B Mini Labradoodle– they are now 1 year old…Thanks to Brandon (Carley’s dad) and Kelly (Sophie’s mom) for sending updated pictures!!

At 8 weeks Carley looked like this: At 8 weeks SophiaLee looked like this:
  GypsySue - 5 weeks - F - 1   SophiaLea - F - 4 weeks - 3 with pepsi can
At 1 year Carley now looks like this: At 1 year Sophie looks like this:
Carlee - Bryleighs - DOB 11-5-13 -1 Sophie - Bryleighs - 11-05-13 - 1
and like this…
Carlee - Bryleighs - 11-05-13 - 3
and like this…
Carlee - Bryleighs - 11-05-13 - 2

10/28/14 ~ Good Morning Pamela-  I wanted to update you on the most amazing puppy there is, Jorja.  Tomorrow will mark 6 weeks that we’ve been together and I can no longer remember not having her.  She has exceeded expectations in every way.  She is incredibly trusting and extremely well socialized, people are simply her favorite thing.  She has grown to 7 pounds but is pretty convinced she weighs closer to 70!

We will be graduating from Puppy Class next week and she has remained the star pupil.  Sit, down, come, etc are all dependable skills for her now.  We don’t need treats for any of them any more.  She also jumps on command and loves to play fetch with both her frisbees and balls.  She will play as long as I will throw and brings things back by running as fast as she can and jumping into my lap.  She has no fear of other dogs and loves to play even when the other dog is much bigger (and they all are!).  The instructor told our class to touch the pups all over so they would allow people to touch them for nail trimming, checking teeth etc. Jorja will let us hold her in any position, take things from her mouth, play with her feet and take food or toys away without any concern.
We have been going for walks in a woods behind our house.  I let her run off leash and have no concerns at all.  She runs ahead to explore but constantly looks back to make sure she knows where I am and frequently runs back to bump me.  When we come to a fork in the path she waits until I point or turn to see where we are going next.  All I need to do is say “Jorja, Come” and she runs back to me as fast as she can, ears flapping and tail wagging like crazy.  The attached pictures are of her in the woods.
Thank you again for incredible job you do of preparing puppies for the world.  We are absolutely in love with this amazing character!
Chris and Jorja (puppy)
  Jorja - Chris - testimonial - 2 Jorja - Chris - testimonial - 1
10/28/14 ~ Pamela,There are no words to express how incredible Arthur is! I was very nervous & anxious about him flying all the way to Philadelphia but from the moment that he snuggled into my arms he has been the most loving, stress-free, easygoing pup.  A few trainers warned me that he would be terrified of the city, cars, buildings, etc but he did not shy away one bit. He has been extremely fun and adventurous on his walks and overwhelming eager to approach people and other dogs. Every pet owner in his puppy orientation expressed how well behaved he seems and they are shocked when I tell him that he is brand new.
You have clearly trained him well because he has not had an accident since his first day home. I have set up an indoor fake grass/pee pad that I put his wood chips on and if I lose track of time he goes potty on the pad. He’s an angel and I sing your praises to everyone who asks about his training/breeder.
I cannot thank you enough for the effort and love in preparing Arthur to be a truly incredible doodle. He is off to a fantastic start and I know it will only get better!!
Thank you,

Ann & Arthur Kennedy

 Ann-Arthur-Philadelphia, PA - 3jpg    Ann-Arthur-Philadelphia, PA - 2Ann-Arthur-Philadelphia, PA - 1


10/10/14 ~ Pamela, Just wanted to tell you How well Sophie is doing. She has learned to ring a bell to let us know she needs to go outside. We just have to ask her if she needs to go potty? And she goes and rings the bell. She hasn’t had an accident for several days. She has been to puppy socialization class and she will sit,shake and lie down for me. She plays really well with the other puppies. We start Puppy Kindergarten on Sunday. My grandkids love coming over to play with her and she greets them with kisses. She is everything we wanted in a puppy and we know she will grow to be a great dog. Thanks for the great puppy.



9/29/14 ~ Pamela,Here is Luna (Taffy)!  She is such a pretty girl.  She has grown a pound since  we got her.  She now weighs 6.2 pounds!  We were at the vet last Friday for her 12 week check-up and shots..and the whole place was smitten with her.  🙂  (As you can see in the picture, she still loves the toy you sent in her puppy basket!)  Melissa (North Dakota)

luna - daisy


9/24/14 ~ Pamela, I have to tell you about this incredible little girl.  We are really getting settled in together and can’t believe how lucky we are to have her.

Last night was our first Puppy class and Jorja was a rock star.  She is the youngest and smallest but that doesn’t hold her back at all.  Her socialization skills are far beyond the other pups.  She is anxious to meet both people and other dogs.  During play time she jumped right in and even when she was buried under the bigger dogs, never cried or ran.  She just wiggles her way out and jumps back on top of the others.  When it got to learning commands, I was almost embarrassed.  Sit is one of her favorite things to do and most of the time I don’t even have to say the word, just hold my hand up and down she goes.  The others got it about 1/2 the time so she was a little advanced.  We worked on getting the pups to look and the hardest thing for us was to get her not to look so we cold give the command.  She generally looks up every few steps for re-assurance and to make sure we are still doing what she thinks we are.

At home she has learned several fun tricks.  Even as small as she is, she can hardly wait to run up the stars into the building after we go outside.  She beats me every time then waits to hear what a great pup she is.  When we get back in the apartment I tell her to go find Julie and she’s off like a rocket to find her.  She’s also up to about 50/50 on bringing me her frisbee or a ball when I ask her to.
Thank you so much for preparing Jorja so very, very well.  You must really be in tune with their needs as Jorja is off to a fantastic start.  (Chris ~ Madison, WI)
jorja testimony

9/23/14 ~ Pamela ,Just wanted to let you know DIXIE,  (MINI GOLDENDOODLE) arrived safely and so happy!!  Wagging her tail the whole time. She went potty in the pet area and we are ready to head home!  She is sooo cute!!  Michael & Family  (Atlanta, GA)

 9-23-14 testimoney


9/17/14 ~ Pamela,  Bob and I named our puppy Bentley.  He is a very good puppy and already knows his name, come, eat, and potty.  He goes to sleep in his kennel when he is tired and sleeps all night.  We are so in love with him.  Thank you so much!!  Bob and Georgia

  puppy - bakkum


3/23/14  Pamela,  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your beautiful SPOODLE, Yenta.  She has been in our home for five weeks now and is the best puppy!  She has a wonderful temperament and loves everyone who comes to visit.  I started her in puppy socialization classes at the Superior Animal Hospital and, after we complete those classes, I will be enrolling her in puppy kindergarten classes.  Yenta “tells” us when she has to go outside and is almost completely housebroken already.  She has adjusted to her kennel well and sleeps through the night.  Thank you for giving Yenta such a wonderful start in life at your farm.  She is amazing and we feel very lucky to have her in our life.  Debbie (from Superior).  I attached a recent picture of our beautiful puppy.




2/26/14 ~ Hi Pamela – Just wanted to give you and update on little Mason. We named him Oliver Maxwell or Ollie for short. He fits right into our family!  Such a good boy. My kids are in heaven with him and he is such a mommy’s boy.  I had him in to our vet yesterday. He weighs 7 pounds and everything looked good.  Here are a couple of pics… Thanks! Kara


2-26-14 puppy on red blanket 2-26-14 boy with puppy in bed 2-26 testimony - 1


3/13/14 ~ Grandma, I am doing well.  I got to my new house and drank water and then I went outside and pooped and peed.   My new Mommy sits on the floor with me and I curl up and go to sleep.  Then I walk about 3 feet away and run back.  Miss you! Pam

3-13-14 testimony


3/9/14 ~  Hi Pamela, We had first puppy class yesterday and Gigi did great.  This is us with Gigi.  She was the tiniest puppy but she held her own. Potty training is going well.  Sometimes there is an accident but that’s bc mom and dad aren’t paying close enough attention.  It just happens sometimes. Bedtime is so much better!  We are quiet and go right to sleep. We are focused on crate training right now, so we don’t hate being alone in the crate so much. Thanks for everything!  Stephanie  (Stephanie Rasley, CPO-CD® / Certified Professional Organizer / www.duchessoforder.com

 3-9-14 testimony


3/14/14 ~ Pamela,  Carmel is just a little angel.  She has done amazing on potty training.  She is a lover !


3/16/14  ~ Hi Pamela,  Just a quick note to let you know that Riley is doing very well in Tucson, AZ…we’re happy parents. Yes…he’s had a few accidents in the house, but probably more on us than him. He’s so good simply being with us that we, on occasion, lose track of time and it’s too long between pee breaks. He sleeps most of the night without getting up from his crate in our bedroom…oh, he does snore a bit!  All in all, he’s a love. Enjoy a pix from earlier this week, and one with his cousin (our daughters dog), Lily, a 1 year old 55 pound goldendoodle.

John & Marty
 3-16-14-1 testimony  3-16-14-2 testimony


4/15/12  From Voice Mail: (used with permission) – IZZY’s adoptive mom – Millford, Connecticut

  • Hi Pamela ~ I just wanted to tell you that we just picked up Izzy from the airport!  We are in love with her already and she is georgeous!  Thank you so much for taking such good care of her.  You can really tell she grew up in a good home.  I was so nervous to have her come to us by plane, I was a wreck thinking about it…but she was friendly and happy when she arrived!  I thought Izzy would be very upset but she is not!  Thank you again so much, it is the best thing that has happened to us in a very long time!  4/12


5/16/12 ~ Hey Pamela…I loved coming to your house and letting my grandchildren play with your puppies…thank you for letting us come…here are some pictures I took while we were there!  Cheryl


5/22/12 ~ Duke is a delightful addition to our family!!!  He has just the right amount of sweetness and sassiness.  Duke is a cuddle bug that enjoys being on your lap or right next to you.  It was especially wonderful to receive a dog that is potty trained and can sit and shake.  I can’t thank you enough for giving us such a lovable addition to our family!!   Hale Family – Alaska


     Hale puppy - alasa    Hales with puppy
 puppy The hale family - puppy with pumpkin


 7/28/13 ~ Hi Pamela (Puppie Up North)  Just a little update in case you’re interested in knowing what he is up to: Kemba was up to 3 and 3/4 pounds at his first vet appointment and he is going back in a few weeks for the other shot that we were a little too early for the first time. He is so very smart!! Aside from knowing how to sit, he is now a master at “lay down” and “shake” he is learning by hand cues so he can do verbal or nonverbal! He is in the process of mastering “off”. He was also play biting my hands a lot when I’d pet him and he just wanted to play so we worked on it for one day and now he just licks and loves being petted-he is so smart!! He can go up and down our back porch steps on his own where he potties, and loooves running up to our second level (but hasn’t tried coming down yet) He loves his cuddle time and has an obsession with napping on Kyle’s foot if he is sitting in the rocker (must be a guy thing to like stinky feet!). He also loves to cuddle on my neck! He likes playing pig in the middle with Kyle and I. We roll his tennis balls back and forth to each other and he tries to catch them. When he does he runs to this chest we have and hides under it. He tries taking the ball with but he wont fit under it when he has the ball in his mouth. It’s so funny. It’s like a little game for him to catch it, go under the chest, then release it. It’s a little routine he created-his tail wags the whole time)We have the funniest, cutest, pictures of him, we are just having a blast with him and he is so happy and well socialized I know we will have such a great dog on our hands!!! – Kimberly (Duluth, MN)


Hi Pam – Just wanted to let you know how Codi’s first day and night went. He is SUCH a good dog! It’s unbelievable how quickly he’s taken to our family. He just loves the kids, and had so much fun playing with Anders outside yesterday (see pic). What a snuggler too! After the kids were in bed he cuddled and fell asleep in my arms while we watched t.v. He even did really well and didn’t even cry very much during the night. He just fits right in with our family so perfectly! We are so happy and very excited to have him with us. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful new addition to our home. I think he will have a great life with us and has already added a new measure of joy to our house. 🙂

 I’m also happy to report that he has been “going” outside and even pooped this morning! Perfect timing for our vet appt this a.m. as I’m supposed to bring in a sample.  – Stacy –
Codi in new bed codi playing outside Codi Sleeping