Labradoodle Puppies

Meet Your Future Loving Labradoodle Puppy

At this time we don’t have any puppies available…please keep check back here often for pictures of new arrivals.

Our puppies are usually ready in the spring and summer months!!

All puppies come with:

  • Free delivery to the Minneapolis area
  • Professional 3 day vet check
  • Dew claw removal
  • All updated shots
  • De-wormed
  • A 6 week vet check!
  • Puppies also come with a “Puppy Basket” full of starter food, toys, treats and a “blankie” that has been rubbed on momma to they can have her smell with them!

What’s happening right now, while we don’t have any arrivals? Our momma’s are taking their much needed naps, getting lots of swim time, and posing for picture. If the “chogs” can’t go to the pond, they have their own self made swimming pool at the farm yard. The “chogs” are also allowed to dig in the back 40 for whatever they can find…(we don’t teach our puppies to do the digging part though ; ). They love being outside in the winter…and scratch for the crab apples! Holly loves chasing the “mouse light” (a laser light)… (Note: we also have two farm dogs, Snowball (white) and Penny(black lab) that you will also see pictured below with their playmates!)