“Peaches Go-Getter Sierra” which is derived from Holly’s mother and father. She stands 21″ tall at the withers and weighs 58 pounds. She is short and petite in stature and has a big appetite.

She is a very loving dog and gets along with her “family”, including cats. She is always around other new dogs at our Camp Canine Boarding facility and they don’t seem to bother her. She has a very happy personality. She loves cuddles and tummy rubs. Peaches has her own pillow she drags around to her favorite sleeping spot and then she’s out like a light.

Peaches is a wonderful mommy. She cares for her new babies from sun up to sun down and all the in-between times. She keeps them clean, loves to share her new babies with her owners, always has plenty of milk to feed all of them. In August of 2008 she gave birth to 14 adorable puppies. We were able to adopt them all out by week 12.