We call our beautiful white Labrador Retriever “Holly”. Her given name is “Holly Go-Getter Sierra” which is after her father’s given name – Brown’s Go-Getter Gus and her mother’s given name -Revilo’s Abby’s Sierra Pete. She stands 22″ tall at the withers and weighs 65 pounds.

She is medium in stature but that doesn’t stop her giant appetite to love and play with her biological sister, her adoptive brother and adoptive mother. Holly’s puppies from 2009 were all sold to great families by eleven weeks.

We placed them in Oklahoma, Florida, California, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Massachusetts. We thank all those family’s for taking care of our little ones and remember we always like to see “pupdates”!

Holly and her sister Peaches have a father that is a Three Time International Bird Dog Champion and their mother has a couple National Bird Dog Championship awards, too.

Both Holly and Peaches have attended a two month Bird Dog School in which their instructor states “they were very impressive”.

Holly loves laying around the house on soft things and when it’s time to go she loves to either ride in the Kawasaki Mule or run along with me heading to the pond or field.

Holly and Peaches love running side by side, nose to the ground and get excited when a little bird comes out of the grass.

I have never had to house train them as they learned themselves. In the evening she settles down and in for a long evening of sleeping and relaxing. Here personality is very calm and gentle around people and other animals.