Moms & Dads

These are pictures of our Momma’s and Daddy’s…We have a special bond with our dogs…our momma’s are like my daughters and our daddy’s are like our sons.  When our momma’s have babies, often they want to lay on my lap and be near me while having their litters…I am with them from the moment they start giving birth to the last puppy out the door at eight weeks!  And all the in between times, they love to run our 100 acres, going thru our fields, thru thee woods and just having a ton of fun!


Momma Rika

Breed: Golden Retriever / Cocker

Color:  Red / Apricot

Weight: 44

She loves being a momma, very gentle with her babies!  When I take babies to get their pictures taken, she always makes us count them back into her nest…then she licks them all and is happy!!  (To see her last years litter, go to my Testimonial Page to the date 8/17/18 and 8/11/18)


Momma Bella

Breed: F1 Standard Labradoodle

Color:  Chocolate

Weight: 53

She has been a great momma, and this is her last litter.  She is so attentive to her babies…we can always know that her babies will be laying with full tummies and very content.

Momma Miley

Breed: F1 Mini Labradoodle

Color:  Ivory

Weight: 32

Miley is a very gentle quiet momma.  She pays particular attention to even the smallest squeek of her puppies!  She loves laying in the warm puppy nursery tending to every little whim!




Momma Razzle

Breed: Shitzu

Color:  Chocolate and White

Weight: 15

Razzle and her sister Dazzle are first time moms as we waited until they were 2 years old and their growth plate was completed!  They are an offspring to Molly (our retired momma last year)…and she is acting exactly like her mommas…super loving and loves her babies…maybe erroring on the side of feeding too much…they are quite chunky!

Momma Jayla

Breed: F1B Mini Labradoodle

Color:  Milk Chocolate

Weight: 24

Jayla and her sister Kayla are great mommas.  She loved each one of the and makes sure they all accounted for before she lays down…and the babies love her suckers…yum, yum!



 Daddy:  Chili

Breed: Miniature Poodle

Color:  Red

Weight: 16 lbs

He loves being our daddy for our mommas…super sweet and loves his tummy rubs!

Daddy:  Cheese

Breed:  Miniature Poodle

Color:  Apricot (lighter red)

Weight:  10 lbs

He loves hanging with the girls and loves when we introduce a new girl for him to be a dad!


Daddy:  Brownie

Breed:  Miniature Poodle

Color:  Chocolate

Weight:  11 lbs

He hangs with our other sire Chite…the two get a long so well and love being dad to these puppies!

Daddy:  Cotton

Breed: Miniature Poodle

Color:  White

Weight: 18 lbs

This little daddy loves car rides!  He gets in, falls sound asleep on the front seat!  He loves to go on our Kawasaki Mule but only if we bundle him up…he loves people and loves girls!!