Past Pooshis

Our Shihtzu’s are mixed with a  Miniature Poodle and is a hybrid designer breed.  We loved the look of the short little Shihtzu with the beautiful face  and love our Miniature Poodles so decided to mix the two and created a Pooshi!  These are both first generation, most have the beautiful wavy flip up coats.  These are beautiful puppies!!

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At this time, we only have one Momma, Molly but are growing up two more momma’s to take over when Molly is retired in 2018!  Molly is black and white and we mix her with Chili, our red daddy and get the beautiful tri-colored.

Molly’s puppy


Molly’s Puppy 


Molly’s Puppy

Molly’s Puppy


Polly’s Puppy

Polly’s Puppy



We at Puppies up North have done a lot of research about this designer breed and love what people are saying about them and love the personality of them. We also feel that these puppies are a pretty close match to the looks, to the personality and the allergy friendly aspect of our Pooshi! It has been said that these dogs will be the designer breed of the millennium.  Don’t miss out on getting one of these precious puppies from Puppies Up North!!

What is a Pooshi?  

A Pooshi is a hybrid breed that is developed by crossing a Miniature Poodle to a Shihtzu (poo-shi). Pooshis are specifically bred for their wonderful temperaments. They are a medium sized breed (about 14-16 inches at the shoulder) with semi long non-shedding hair and long soft ears. We at Puppies Up North have only one Shihtzu.


Height: 8 to 14 inches; Weight: 8-15 pounds


The Pooshi coat is wavy, normally curlier than the Shihtzu but not as curly as the Poodle. The coat is little-to-no shedding.


The Pooshi is very loving, very happy and playful and they get along with other pets.


Pooshi are more active and athletic. They seem to take the best from both breeds.


Pooshi will require occasional grooming.


Very Intelligent dogs, and very easy to train!


Pooshi do not require a lot of exercise. They get sufficient exercise just by playing with their owners. They enjoy walks and/or backyard play.

How can I tell them apart?  

When our puppies are first born, I put a piece of yarn around their neck. This yarn aids in keeping track of their growth, their “input and output”, their  personalities, their type of hair, etc.

How much time are you around your puppies?  Are they socialized?  

I spend a minimum of 5-6 hours a day with these puppies: holding, changing soft blankets, cuddling, taking care of mama and her needs, teaching, tickling, cuddling, working through their 100 point socialization skills, cuddling, potty training, cuddling, … oh and did I say I love to cuddle with them?  Ha.  I also have a girlfriend that has grandchildren who love to spend time with my puppes…as well as my father is in a assisted living so i take them there too..

What are the parents like?  

We make every effort to make sure that our mamas are fed and watered properly before giving birth. We assure them daily that they are okay and that this is a great thing. Often when dogs are pregnant, they are very self conscious and very cuddly. The mamas almost act like puppies again and stay close on my heels to seek constant attention. My husband and I make sure that they get “extra loves” during their time of pregnancy.

What will the puppies come with?  

All puppies will come with lots of love to give. They will be well socialized and up-to-date with their shots. They will have been given the proper doses of worming medications, will have an excellent vet check, their dew claws will have been removed, and last but not least, we will also be available for the LIFETIME of the puppy for any questions you may have.

Puppy comes with a PUPPY BASKET full of things puppies love: a toy, Life Abundance Starter bag, starter Treats, a blanket that has been rubbed on mama for that great “mama smell” when they’re lonely, shampoo, poop pick up bags, and a full detailed health record showing all the things we did for your puppy to keep it strong and healthy (record of shots, wormers, nail clips, vet checks, Bordatella given, etc.)!

What are we looking for in our adoptive families?  

We are looking for wonderful families with lots of love to give our puppies. We look for owners who promise to provide proper food, shelter, safety, exercise, medical needs kept up-to-date, and a few tummy rubs.

What do we feed our mommas and our puppies?  

We give our mommas the best there is for dog food and supplements!  We feed Life Abundance.  Life Abundance can be shipped directly to your home!  There are tons of other products that Live Abundance offers such as Porky Puff treats, Dental treats, antixoident treats, Healthy hearts, along with great smelling shampoo, a spray lavender mist for calming puppies after shots, a between bath spray to keep them smelling fresh.  We love Life Abundance.

Life's Abundance Dry Dog Food Wonder what to feed your puppies?

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