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I agree that the dog is being adopted for myself and will not be sold, adopted, or given to another party. If I do any of the above, agree to pay Puppies Up North the amount that I paid for this puppy in full and all costs to get the dog back safely to Puppies Up North.

I also understand that if the dog is killed in an accident (plane crash or car accident), Puppies Up North will reimburse you for the money you paid for the dog, but will not reimburse you for the plane ticket, health certificates, crates bought and money for driving to or from airport.

I agree that only under proper supervision the dog will be allowed outdoors. When taking my dog outdoors, they will be on a secure harness and wear proper ID. I also agree that this animal will be a companion animal only. (no guard dogs)

I agree that at no time will this dog be kept on a chain or rope.

I agree to care for this dog in a humane manner and to be a responsible animal guardian. This agreement includes adequate food, water, attention and medical care. I also agree to give proper bedding and covering from the elements. All this is will be done at my expense without charging Puppies Up North for these expenses.

I agree that if at any point I cannot keep the dog, I will return him / her to Puppies Up North without requesting compensation, and I will pay all shipping costs prior to shipment.

I understand and agree that Puppies Up North makes no guarantees about the dog’s temperament or amount of shedding, and is not responsible for future damages or injuries caused by the dog.

I agree to contact Puppies Up North if my companion dog needs to be euthanized for any reason, prior to being euthanize (unless the dog’s veterinarian determines this is a medical emergency), at which time I will still contact Puppies Up North.

I agree to take my dog to the vet for a complete check no more than 1 week after adopting this dog and will send Puppies Up North the proof of clean bill of health from my veterinarian, and sending a receipt as proof of the visit. I also agree that i will provide Puppies Up North proof of rabies shot and bordetella shot/nasal spray no later than 3 1/2 months from date of birth. A $500 assessment will be charge to me if this is not completed. I will email these proofs to Puppies Up North with the puppy name and date of birth in the subject line..

I agree to spay (female) or neutering (male) the puppy between 5-6 months and send proof of spay or neutering from my vet by way of receipt. If I choose not to spay or neuter the puppy you adopted from Puppies Up North, and send a receipt from my vet in the time frame requested, that I have spay or neutered my puppy, then Puppies Up North has the right to actively pursue a fee of $5,000 for fees charged for a "breeding dog".

Prior to the dog being released, I agree to provide Puppies Up North (#1) a picture of myself or family, (#2) a picture of inside of home it will live in, and (#3) a picture of your backyard where puppy will romp in. These pictures can be uploaded on this application.

Puppies Up North has made every effort to provide you with a healthy, happy companion dog. Puppies Up North is not responsible for any financial obligations that may occur due to the health after adoption.

Because we believe so strongly that nutrition plays a very big part in the health of an animal, we offer a "10 Year Free Replacement Puppy Guarantee for Nutritional Deficiencies". Should you choose this, 10 year Nutritional Deficiencies guarantee we stipulate that the puppy must be fed "Life's Abundance Nutritional System" which includes Life's Abundance All Life Stages dog food and supplements for their entire lifetime.

The reason we have chosen to offer this option to our guarantee, is because so many dogs are acquiring serious life threatening health risks through poor diet and vitamin deficiencies. We believe that these products provide the optimum nutritional benefits ensuring good health and longevity for the dog, which is why we are willing to stand behind this guarantee.

I plan on getting some sort of professional training or am planning on self training so that this puppy will be a good dog in society.

Plans for my puppy is to spend most hours inside the home, with little time outside in the elements.

My plan is for the puppy to spend very little time alone, with the exception of going to work. I plan on making this puppy a part of my family, bringing them to a lot of places I go.

If your puppy, that has been adopted from Puppies Up North does not reach it’s life expectancy of 10+ years, and has vet paperwork stating it has a Nutritional Deficiency, you will be eligible to get a free replacement puppy of equal value. In regards to hereditary defects, there are never any guarantees that a dog would be free of a genetic disorder from past generations. But since we may not know if there are any potential weaknesses in a dog, we believe that the diet and lack of vitamins can exasperate these conditions if found. Therefore by providing the dog with quality food and supplements, we are hoping to reduce the chance of these potential weaknesses from hindering their quality of life, should this ever occur.

*10 Year Free Replacement Puppy for Nutritional Deficiencies Information guarantee but does not include the vet check, CERF exam, shots, worming, transportation, carrier, or other fees.

This 10 Year Free Replacement Puppy for Nutritional Deficiencies Guarantee is for the health of your puppy that has been adopted from Puppies Up North, and does not cover accidental death, neglect, abuse, or injuries that your dog may sustain while being a part of your family. We believe that Life's Abundance Pet Food and Supplements are a great combination to provide your dog with optimal health, so that your puppy can live a long and happy life with your family!

In order for you to be on the "10 Year Free Replacement Puppy Guarantee for Nutritional Deficiencies" you must agree to the contracted check below.
Any other specific information we should know, beyond what you've already provided.