1.  First, decide that you are ready to commit to loving and caring for another member of the family.

2.  Look at our “new arrival” page to see who is available from Puppies Up North.

3.  Call us, just to chat, just to ask questions. We will talk you through what is specifically needed for the puppy you have your eye on.   Every puppy is different. Tell us about your family. We will tell you about the temperament of each puppy to help you make the perfect pick for you.

4. Complete the adoption agreement and send your deposit to secure your purchase.

5. Puppies are available at eight weeks. Puppies can be delivered to a couple different drop-off sites, or can be shipped by air freight without any trouble. Special arrangements are made for live animals at the airport and this is a viable option for families who live far away.

6. We would love to stay connected to our puppies. If you choose, we love to have follow-up photos of these puppies as they grow.

NOTE:  If you are filling out this form for another type puppy I have (Spoodle or Pooshi), please note at bottom that you are substituting the mini Labradoodle with the Spoodle or Pooshi…make sure all lines are filled in or the form will not work….thank you!

I strive to keep up-to-date on my applications…if you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please text, call or email me…I may not have received it…

Proceed to Adoption Form

***Please submit application on a PC as I am having trouble with receiving cell phone/ipad applications…If I have not called you within 10 hours of you submitting your application, please call me, chances are I did not receive it…and I would be happy to work with you.

Click here after you purchase your puppy for documents
to make your new dog ownership a wonderful experience!