Our Dogs

These are pictures of our Momma’s and Daddy’s…We have a special bond with our dogs…our momma’s are like my daughters and our daddy’s are like our sons.  When our momma’s have babies, often they want to lay on my lap and be near me while having their litters…I am with them from the moment they start giving birth to the last puppy out the door at eight weeks!  And all the in between times, they love to run our 100 acres and have a ton of fun!


Momma Molly

Shih Tzu

Black / White / Gray

Weight:  15lbs


 Momma Daisy

Breed:  Spoodle

(1/2 Cocker & 1/2 Mini Poodle)

Color:  Black / White

Weight:  25 lbs

 Momma Rika

1/2 Golden Ret & 1/2 Cocker Spaniel

(she looks exactly like a

mini Golden Retriever)

Color:  Golden

Weight:  25 lbs


Momma EllaG

(momma to be)

Breed:  F1 Mini Labradoodle

Color:  Red

Weight:  25 lbs






IMG_1657 Daddy:  Chili

Miniature Red Poodle

Weight: 16 lbs

Cotton - Male - Sire

Daddy:  Cotton

Miniature White Poodle

Weight: 13 lbs

Daddy: Chite

Miniature Choc / White Poodle 

Weight:  8 lbs

Daddy:  Cheese

Miniature Red Poodle

Weight:  10 lbs