New Arrivals

We Mini F1B Goldendoodles!  Only 5 left!!


Rusty – Male

F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Date of Birth: 7/28/16

Teal/ Lt/Dk BlueTag

Momma: Lucy     Daddy:  Cheese

Ready to Go:  10/8/16


Billy – Male

F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Date of Birth: 7/28/16

Blue Tag

Momma: Lucy    Daddy: Cheese

Ready to Go:  10/8/16


Kiah – Female

F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Date of Birth: 7/28/16     PnkLimeTag

Momma: Lucy   Daddy:  Cheese

Ready to Go:  10/8/16


Bretta – Female

F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Date of Birth: 7/23/16   PinkWhtTag

         Momma: Dotty           Daddy:  Cheese

Ready to Go:  10/8/16




 ** Note:  We have Spoodles coming approx Oct 11 & 14th!  

* We have F1b Mini Goldendoodles coming Oct 29th

** We have F1 & F1b Mini Labradoodles coming Nov 15th & 16th!

Unbelievably short waiting lists…get your application in soon!!

Here’s my process…

  1. Fill out adoption application.
  2. I process it and call you.
  3. I take a credit card # for your deposit.  (Note:  I have a short waiting list at this time so now’s the time to apply).
  4. When the puppies are born, I take a family picture
  5. I put tag on each puppy (a piece of colored yarn) so you can choose which puppy you want to adopt, I go in the order I received the deposit
  6. After you have picked your puppy, I send you pictures of your puppy every 10-14 days so you can see them growing up…it’s that simple  

**Note:  I love to keep in touch with my puppy families while puppies are growing up and after when puppies go to your home…I’m available for the lifetime of your dog!!


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