Mini-Labradoodles, Spoodles, & Pooshi’s

poseyAt Puppies Up North, we breed and raise the finest Mini-LabradoodlesSpoodles and Pooshi’s from excellent blood lines here in beautiful north central Minnesota.

At Puppies Up North we have a special love for all kinds of dogs, but Labradoodles and Spoodles have found a special place in our hearts. These dogs are warm, affectionate, do not shed and are  hypoallergenic.

Our dogs are born and trained at Withage Farms in Staples, Minnesota. We all live on a 100 acre farm where the dogs are treated with the love and respect they deserve. (Prior to a devastating fire in February 2012, we were called “Camp Canine” which included a small kenneling and grooming facility.)


  • We call our dogs “chogs” since we regard them as 1/2 children and 1/2 dogs. 
  • Our farm is their home.  
  • Each family of puppies have their own special space where they feel secure, safe and warm with plenty of area to run freely inside and out. Each “family member” takes great advantage of the space and fresh air. 
  • Mama dogs are cared for with the special tender loving care they deserve during the prenatal and birthing time.

Check back often to find out about our latest arrivals. We specialize in healthy happy Mini Labradoodles , Miniature Spoodle and Pooshi puppies – the perfect pet for folks and families who want a lot of love in a small package, without the shedding and sneezing associated with other breeds.

New At Puppies Up North is our Guardian Homes!!

New at Puppies Up North…we are now proudly feeding Life’s Abundance!!Life's Abundance Dry Dog Food

Wonder what to feed your puppies?

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If you want that special puppy and will provide a warm loving home, you are the type of owner for which we hope to provide the finest pet you can find.

You must fill out an Adoption Agreement to own one of our puppies. This helps ensure each puppy will be given all the tender loving care which they deserve.  Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to hear from you soon!

 I have spend a considerable amount of time to make sure I answer any and all of your questions…if, after reading my website, and you still have questions…

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