New Arrivals

** I take pride in giving you as much information that you need in making an informed decision in picking Puppies Up North puppies!  Please feel free to browse the entire website, looking at all the information regarding the Breed, our Dogs and the great Testimonials.  Around here FUR comes before PHONES…so often you will have to leave a message…I will return it as soon as possible…but most likely the information is here in my website!!

(picture below is a puppy I sold last year..they are super cute…this is what my newborns will look like…

oreo-orange-tag-m-5-wks  This is what the puppies below will look like at 8 weeks..

We have SPOODLES!!   Daisy had 6…only 2 left!


Tanner – Male

Spoodle – 6 days – Tan tag

Black with White Chest

Ready to go: Dec 3rd

Currently 7 oz ~ Expected to be 18-22 lbs fully grown

Momma: Daisy  Daddy: Cotton


Pricilla – Female

Spoodle – 6 days – Pink tag

Ready to go: Dec 3rd

Pure Black coat

Currently 6 oz ~ Expected to be 18-22 lbs fully grown

Momma: Daisy  Daddy: Cotton


**We have F1 Mini Goldendoodles coming Oct 29th (due date)- Arwen

** We have F1B Mini Labradoodles coming Nov 15th (due dates)-Saige

** We have F1 Mini Labradoodles coming Nov 16th (due date) – Abbey

** We have F1 Mini Goldendoodles coming Nov 30th (due date – Hailey

**Unbelievably short waiting lists…get your application in soon!!

  Here’s my process…

  1. Fill out adoption application.
  2. I process it and call you.
  3. I take a credit card # for your deposit.  (Note:  I have a short waiting list at this time so now’s the time to apply).
  4. When the puppies are born, I take a family picture
  5. I put tag on each puppy (a piece of colored yarn) so you can choose which puppy you want to adopt, I go in the order I received the deposit, and each family gets 10 hours to choose a puppy…then I go to the next family…
  6. After you have picked your puppy, I send you pictures of your puppy every 10-14 days so you can see them growing up…it’s that simple  

**Note:  I love to keep in touch with my puppy families while puppies are growing up and after when puppies go to your home…I’m available for the lifetime of your dog!!

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